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Belarusian ISPs, View from our site.

As of  April 22, 2000

How fast is Internet access? How reliable it is? How cheap (or better to say how expensive) it is? These questions are being asked elsewhere, these questions are being asked in Belarus too. We have attempted to review Belarusian ISPs to better understand what is available for the time being and what might be expected in the future.

A couple of words for introduction.

Communications in Belarus still are, and probably will remain in the foreseeable future, the states' monopoly. Almost all communication services are being provided by the only state owned telco company Beltelecom and its branches in regional (oblast) centers. And the only tier 1 Internet Service Provider (The ISP which has direct connection to the Internet back-bone) is Belpak, a daughter company of Beltelecom. All other companies providing Internet access to the end users are actually sub-providers and connect to the Internet through Belpak (Even if they have satellite connection for down stream traffic).

All sub-providers are concentrated in Minsk. Internet access in regional centers and elsewhere in the country where available is provided by Beltelecom's regional branches. So it turns out to be more Minsk's rather then Belarus' ISPs survey.


The aggregate band width of all Belpak's connections to global network is 9mbs and consists of:
  • connection to MCI - T1 (1mbs);
  • connection to Teleglobe - 3 x E1 (3 x 2=6mbs)
  • connection to Rostelecom - E1 (2mbs)
On the users' end Belpak has the following picture:
  • 64 modems' (33.6kbs) pool for subscribers dial-up connection - 3168 subscribers;
  • 180 modems' (33.6kbs) pool for anonymous dial-up connection;
  • 185 dedicated modem (33.6kbs) connections - 185 customers;
  • 16 ISDN (64kbs) dedicated connections - 16 customers;


Sub-providers. All in all, the Ministry of Communications and Information has issued licenses to provide Internet services to 25 companies. It looks as if just 8 of them are really in business.
Open Contact is probably the oldest sub-provider.
  • Connection to Belpak - 2 x 128kbs;
  • Satellite link to Internet for down stream traffic - 400kbs;
  • 112 modems pool (33.6kbs) for dial-up access;
Solo is the most aggressive company.
  • Connection to Belpak - 256 + 64kbs;
  • 72 modems pool (33.6kbs) for dial-up access;
Network Systems (NetSys)
  • Connection to Belpak - 64 + 128kbs;


  • Connection to Belpak - 64kbs;
  • 32 modems pool (33.6kbs) for dial-up access;


  • Connection to Belpak - 64kbs;


Unibel - provides Internet services to educational institutions. Does not provide services to individuals. So it is more some kind of corporate network then ISP. Computer and Analytical Center of Ministry of education is currently developing and operating Unibel network. Unibel has 7 network nodes in Minsk interconnected by 2-10 Mb/s channels. There are also 6 points of presence in Belarusian regional centers
  • Connection to Belpak - 512 kbs
  • 364 ports including ISDN and 50 modems for dial-up access;


BAS-NET is the network of scientific organizations in the framework of the Belarusian Academy of sciences. Does not provide services to individuals. One more corporate network.
  • Connection to DEMOS network in Russia - 256kbs;
  • Connection to Rospak (Russia) - 9.6kbs;
  • Satellite link to Hamburg/DESY - 64kbs;
1. UNIBEL - analog
2. Polpak - analog - until mid 1996
3. Demos - analog - e-mail
4. Demos - digital - 64kbs - 1996 > 256kbs
5. MCI VSAT - digital - 1mbs (T1)(1997 - 1.256mbs) 
6. Global one - dig - 1 mbs (T1)
7. Teleglobe (Canada) - digital - 2mbs  (E1)beginning 1999 (Total 4.256mbs)
8. Teleglobe - dig - 2mbs(E1) - mid 1999; Global One cancelled (total 5.256mbs)
9. Rostelecom - dig - 2mbs(E1) - July 1999 (Only RU traffic) (total 7.256mbs)
10. Teleglobe - dig - 2mbs(E1) - End 1999 (total 9.256mbs)
ID dial-up - 64 (33.6kbs) (3168 customers)
dedicated - 32 (33.6kbs) (185 customers)
Dedicated ISDN - 16 (????) (16 customers)
Non ID dial-up - 180 (End 2000 - 480)(33.6kbs) (More then 10000 customers) 
Subproviders - 8 ("UNIBEL" - научно-образовательная сеть, "BAS-NET" - сеть Белорусской Академии Наук, "Соло", "Открытый Контакт", "Информационные Технологии", "Network Systems". Кроме того, есть и более новые, такие как "Бел-ИнфоНет" и "Анитекс".
Licenses - 25
Working - approx 20
Internet access - 12
UNIBEL - connection to Belpak - 512kbs
SOLO - connection to belpak - 256+64kbs

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