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Site news and changes
This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

September 14 ,2002 Many many new pictures. Take a look at our new album
September 8 ,2002 Quite a few new snapshots from Minsk in ACI Photo Albums.
July 20,2002 One more map has been added. Downtown Minsk, hotels location.
July 07,2002 A new resource. Downtown Minsk map with some places to eat and theatres to go shown. Hope you'll find it useful.
June 02, 2002 Finaly something worth to announce. ACI photo albums. Feel free to visit.
February 23, 2002 Well, I can guess what you are thinking. Nevertheless, I was trying to keep the site uptodate. Do not remember all the changes since June, but the latest addition is a link to one of not so many true Internet services available in Belarus. Send flowers to your beloved in Minsk, Brest and Gomel.
June 06,  2001 Quite a few new links. Check out our Infoguides
May 19,  2001 I did not pay much attention to official sources on the Internet. This time a couple of links to the Government.
May 13,  2001 Quite a few new links. Check out our Infoguides
May 04,  2001 Just a couple of new links at our Business page.
April 28,  2001 Presidential elections 2001. The atmosphere is heating up. Already more then 10 potential candidates. New links at our election category
April 24,  2001 New design, new look, new feel.
March 29,  2001 Presidential elections are coming. Read more about candidates at
March 19,  2001 Belarusian E-library. I've read a couple of short sad stories of a known Author.
March 08,  2001 Charitable promotion for some Belarusian Manufacturers at our Business Guides.
March 05,  2001 Some sort of a Speakers' Corner. What the advanced part of the Belarusian society is concerned about. I like it.
February 26, 2001 Just a couple of new links for bikers at Recreation and Sport page. 
February 04, 2001 Students of the Prior Pursglove College are raising money to bring their Belarussian friends to England. Please, visit their site at Please, support them. Thank you.
January 13, 2001 Some new links at the Science and Education page.
January 09, 2001 Some new links, and not bad ones.
December 22, 2000 Just several new links to some of the Belarusian cities' sites.
December 03, 2000 Time for refreshment. Some links were added, some revised. The News Page becomes to long, so it's time to archive.
November 5, 2000 What is so remarkable about Belarus? Please read our new page to learn more.
You might wish to view our News Archive.
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