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What is remarcable?
It has just occurred to me, that I actually did not tell anything remarkable about Belarus. So, let's fill the gap.

WWII. Belarus has suffered the heaviest losses during the World War II. Probably everybody knows about Jewish holocaust. It's hard to imagine a greater tragedy. But there was one. Belarus has lost a quarter of its population, that's more then 2.5 millions. The Belarusian Museum of the Great Patriotic War in Minsk turns out to be a real revelation for foreign visitors. The Museum is the place to learn about it. The Memorial Khatyn is the place to feel it.
The Brest Fortress. There are countless examples of heroism during the WWII. But even so, the Fortress stands out of the raw.

Chernobyl Disaster. The greatest catastrophe in the whole history of the nuclear energy use. Belarus, again, has suffered the most of all. About 70% of the radioactive contaminating substances have fallen down on Belarus. 23% of its territory were affected.

Viskuly. A tiny spot on the map of Belarus. The place where the Belavezha Agreement was signed in 1991 and where the Soviet Union was declared to cease to exist. The event might be not so spectacular, but definitely more important then the fall of the Berlin Wall. Probably one of the two most important events of the 20th century. The place is still waiting for recognition, though.

Belarusian brains. Just a small quotation from 1999 INVESTMENT CLIMATE STATEMENT FOR BELARUS "...BELARUS HAS A HIGHLY SKILLED AND WELL-EDUCATED WORK FORCE, DUE TO ITS EXCELLENT SYSTEM OF HIGHER AND SPECIALIZED EDUCATION...". Other proves can be found in the USA, Europe, Canada, well you might wish to continue.

Belarusian Arts. Just one name. Mark Shagal. You might wish to visit Belarusian Museum of Arts for others. (I like this place. Quiet, relaxing, and some really nice pieces of art.)

Belarusian Ballet. The Moscow Bolshoi Theatre Ballet, St. Petersburg Mariinskiy Theatre Ballet. Belarusian Ballet is the third in the raw.

Belarusian Electronics. Belarus in general and Minsk in particular used to be some sort of Silicon Valley of the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Army then, and the Russian Army now proves the quality. The most powerful computers of the former Soviet Union were produced in Minsk. The first Soviet PC was produced by the Minsk Computer Manufacturing Amalgamation too back in 1985. Belarusian TV sets Horizon were the best in the former Soviet Union and remain the best in the Commonwealth of the Independent States.

Belarusian optics. So popular especially  in Germany Belarusian night vision goggles is just one and not the most sophisticated example of what Belarusian Optical Amalgamation can produce.

Belarusian trucks. Ask a truck driver and you'll know, that MAZ still remains the most valued truck from Brest to Vladivostok. Some of not so prosperous countries, which could not afford the more known Brand names' prices, prefer Belarusian BelAZ large dump-trucks. And of course Russian Army is one of the valued customers.  Russian Missiles carrier trucks are from Minsk too.

Belarusian tractors. This good old "Belarus". If the agricultural sector still survives on the vast lands of the former Soviet Union somehow, that's largely because of this tractor. However farmers in Canada, Poland, Germany and some other countries have appreciated this reliable and easy to use and maintain machine too.

Belarusian (Minsk to be precise) Vodka. Turns out to be the best in the world. That is not me, international experts have awarded the title last year.

Belarusian knitwear. No comments. Better to ask a woman. Belarusian clothing. A German soldier probably does not suspect, that his uniform was manufactured in Belarus.

Belarusian meat grinder. To be honest, I did not know about it. However there was an E-mail from somewhere in Africa asking for information about the manufacturer. (Unfortunately I could not reply. Apparently something wrong is with the return address.)

Belarusian Zubr or European Bison. Belarus is the only place in the world where you can see this ancient animal in its natural environment.

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