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Our point of view.
Last modified: April 12, 2003

Belarusian Politics. Our vision. No claims for absolute truth, nor for a serious research. This is just an attempt to somehow sort out personal perceptions, to formally outline our own understanding of the country's political situation.
Business Environment in Belarus. Again, this is just our vision. Turned out to be very short though. 
Parliamentary Elections in Belarus. Our point of view. Upcoming Parliamentary Elections on October 15, 2000. Just some thoughts.
Sometimes Asked Questions There was an E-mail from Australia recently, asking some questions about Belarus. We thought that this information might be of interest to other visitors as well. Just one more reminder! The answers provided are just a private opinion.
A Visitor's point of view.
Read what our visitors have to say.
Do you have something to say to this world? That's the place to post your article or other material whatever you call it as is (Though I reserve the right to add my comments). Just send an e-mail to me and attach your file. (Word or txt formats are preferred).

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Last modified: April 12, 2003