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Last modified: April 12, 2003

No claims for serious research nor for the final truth. This is just a private opinion.


Date/Time of Posting: Apr 09 2003 / 09:13:13

comments = Good evening, I wanted to comment on a speaker that was just on the air this evening (4/8 10:50pm pacific). CNN television just interviewed Saria Almuddin. I was blown away by her comments and wanted to say that her views should not be aired. I cannot beleive that she thinks that the journalist staying at the Palistine Hotel were deliberatly attacked, that is unbeleievable. She also mentioned that the people of Iraq should have their government in place, that they are impatient. What is she thinking? that this war is going to be over in a matter of days? Once again her views are very negative of the war and I hope that CNN network television would not interview her unless she knows what she is talking about and makes an intelligent statement. Till then, please keep her off the air.

Concerned viewer
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name = anthony
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